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William Levine established WL Concepts & Production in 2000. Bill earned most of his prior 25 years of experience in signage, graphic displays, and product branding as Vice President of a large graphics display firm before starting his own business.


Mr. Levine started WL Concepts as a offshoot of his former company. At that time, he was introduced to a New York program called Self Employment Assistace Program (SEAP) which replaced his need for direct filing for unemployment status. The SEAP program allowed him various opportunities including guidance in developing a business plan. Through meetings and discussions with various people in the program, it was discovered that Mr. Levine was a Naval Veteran of Vietnam. Use of this knowledge extended him an invitation to meet with the Veterans Outreach Program.


Through the Veterans Outreach Program, Mr. Levine worked with John Narciso his mentor and advisor. John works with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office located at SUNY Farmingdale, NY. John guided him through the process of establishing a business and taking advantage of his Veteran Status and becoming a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOB). John Narciso, a Naval Officer has remained his mentor and friend through the years.


WL Concepts grew both in size and sales very quickly through the tenacity, long hours, hard work and a strong determination of its founder, Bill Levine. WL Concepts has had the proud distinction to be the recipient of various honors and awards during the past several years.


These awards include:


SBDC Veteran’s Entrepreneur of the year for 2002;

Induction into the New York State Small Business Hall of Fame for 2004;

PTAP (Procurement Technical Assistance Program) Small Business of the Year Award for 2005


WL Concepts earned a GSA contract award in December of 2004 for signage and graphics under schedule 78. This award was originally for 5 years, but has been renewed with a 5 year extension which will take us through 2014.


Industry Awards include:


POPAI/OMA – 2006 Bronze Temporary Display Award

for Timberland Smart Wool

POPAI/OMA – 2006 Silver Temporary Display Award

for Timberland Navigator

POPAI/OMA – 2007 Bronze Temporary Display Award

for Timberland Cadion/Trailscape

POP Times – Design of the Times 2006 Award

for Timberland Smart Wool

POP Times – Design of the Times 2007 Award

for Timberland New Era Launch Display


Bill Levine made it his business to establish a team that would meet and exceed the needs of both customers and vendors while enhancing the company’s reputation and building the business. WL Concepts specializes in corporate signs and retail displays. His hard work has paid off. The customer service team has achieved a wonderful reputation over the years and has even earned nearly a 100% satisfaction rating through a survey conducted by Dunn & Bradstreet on open ratings. Factors playing a role in this survey included reliability, cost, quality, personnel, customer support, timeliness, order accuracy, business relationships and responsiveness.


In addition to our award winning customer service team, we have a wonderfully talented engineering and mechanical staff who determine how to design and produce projects. Our graphics and art department take each and every concept presented them and actual bring them into focus and fruition. The marketing, sales and customer service team all work together to establish, set and achieve company goals which they continuously reach. An excellent team of installers is always available to handle customer requests for installation of signs & displays whether locally or around the US.


WL Concepts is a leader and award winning agency in creating custom, innovative, visual and three-dimensional displays, graphics and signage for leading brands and specialty retailers. Under Bill Levine’s leadership, the company has ignited a revolution in on-site branding, creating new display possibilities, and elevating the range of materials and imagery available to today’s market leaders. When the world’s most successful marketers are seeking a high impact presentation for their brand, they rely on the work and innovation provided by Bill Levine and his team at WL Concepts to develop stunningly crafted design elements.


In looking through the eyes of Bill Levine, it has become a major impact within our corporate climate to ensure that all of our work will bring to life ideas of our clients, create concepts of unparalleled proportion, and make it our business to have client’s brands amplifying messages with a bold, dynamic, physical presence.


Since opening the doors, the company has experienced extraordinary growth as a result of its highly visible and inspiring sign & display designs for merchandisers, lifestyle brands, financial institutions, retail & specialty retail establishments, educational institutions, architects, design firms and trade and cultural exhibits. WL Concepts work can be found in all types of environments.


Our growth led us to expand from our 5,000 sq ft corporate offices in Uniondale into a 7,000 sq ft factory in Freeport in early 2007 while still maintaining the corporate offices in Uniondale. Well if that weren’t enough, and in response to strong recent and anticipated growth we are currently in the process of expanding into a state-of-the-art sign & display facility of 14,000 sq ft also in Freeport but this time at Bennington Avenue. This new facility will serve as the company’s new headquarters for signs & displays. It will feature the latest in office design, modern manufacturing technology and equipment as well as warehousing technology. We anticipate complete renovations of this new acquisition to allow us a move in date in late summer / early fall. We will also be focusing on sustainability as we move deeper into the next decade.


Part of this growth includes several new pieces of equipment: a laser capable of cutting, etching and engraving full sized sheets of material (up to 100” long and 50” wide) at extraordinarily high speeds. Every sign shop can have a laser, but few have a laser with the capabilities of this machine. It can take an intricate design and engrave to the smallest little detail imaginable. Many materials can be used with this laser: acrylic, wood, corian, stone, metals, leather, and more. In addition, the new shop has allowed us to acquire a Computerized Plasma Cutter which will allow us to work with Steel which until now we have not had capabilities with. Our New OCE Printer will be arriving shortly. This will allow us further capabilities few companies have: Direct printing to any material or substrate. This will reduce costs and time in moving ahead with printing project where we formerly had to print on vinyl then mount and laminate to the substrates. As you can tell, this new / larger facility will allow us the capability of taking on projects that to date were out of our comfort zone and even perhaps our abilities. Each of these additions have allowed us to truly be full service in all media.


From a financial standpoint, WL Concepts through the ideas of its President has an impeccable credit rating and financial status. We continually insure that only the highest standards in quality and timely delivery of material and services are obtained and delivered. Vendors are always paid either early or on time. It is part of our motto to keep our vendors happy and satisfied while working with us. This also affords us the ability for producing large and small quantity projects and maintaining incredible turnaround times.


We listen to our customers to determine their needs. When considering POP (point of purchase) it is imperative that we ask questions, sometimes too many questions, but it is always necessary this avoids us from making any assumption. We need to know our clients target markets, budget, timeline including turnaround, and the real estate they have available for these displays. From a marketing stand point this is essential to pleasing our clients. It is our goal to take the guess work out of any / every project. We want to remove the Stress off your shoulders so we bear the brunt of it. We will be your partner allowing you to work on other projects as we take on your customer displays and signage needs.

In late summer of 2005, we were awarded a 5 year contract for the design and production of an exhibit at New York City’s JFK International Airport in celebration of the holiday season to be unveiled in early December 2005. The exhibit, entitled, “The Many Faces of Holiday”. It featured a multi-cultural theme in recognition and celebration of holiday festivities around the world. With the end of the contract term for holiday 2010 came the new Construction Project at the terminal. This put a hold on the continuation of the Holiday Exhibit for at least the 3 years of construction. However, we still provided the terminal with holiday decorations but at a far different scale beginning holiday 2010 for 3 years concluding with holiday 2012.

WL Concepts, its vendors and partners bring only the highest standards and ethics to its many business opportunities and accounts. Most of our vendors are veteran, minority, and women owned businesses. Together each helps us bring quality, fresh ideas, fair priced designs, displays & signs, graphics, corporate signage to meet the needs of the marketplace.


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