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The Critical But Overlooked Business Marketing Elements

Business displays and signage are critical elements often overlooked in a company’s overall marketing process.

WL Concepts of Uniondale, Long Island, points out that display and design strategies are very well suited for suited to retail. Effective displays and signage dictates that they are always appealing.

 “These displays can’t just be visible, they need to be inspiring,” says Bill Levine, President of WL Concepts.  “Marketing is more than just placing display advertising or utilizing good web design concepts. Appealing signage and display concepts will attract potential customers to the client’s business.”

From design, to production, to installation, effective display companies have to know the right combination of strategies and elements to implement, according to Mr. Levine.

What Makes A Great Visual Display?

WL Concepts observes that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but when it comes to a visual display, there are a few rules to consider. First, keep it simple. This might sound easy, since you may want to show off all of your new merchandise, but you’ll invariably end up adding too many items. If you do, it will simply look cluttered and unfocused, resulting in your customers most likely passing you by. Instead, try to have a focal point, which will include POP displays, merchandise, and display signage, and lighting as integrated, fluid displays elements. This synergism will draw the eye to the main attraction of the visual display. Mr. Levine also points out that lighting is a good way to do this.

In assembling your visual display, you’ll want to position them in the right place so that the other items can be around them. Colors are also an important part in an effective visual display. The most appropriate colors can help to set the mood or feeling of the concept you’re trying to accomplish or achieve. Blues and greens are calmer and sedate, where as red and orange have a screaming effect. There are specific colors that are used by firms each year that relate to the newest or hottest Pantone colors being shown by designers and others.

Keep Track Of Your Displays

A good visual display can be very effective, and once created, you’ll be able to duplicate it. Once you’ve completed the assembly of your visual display, take a picture of it for your records and keep track of the product sales from the display. If the visual display was a success, companies like WL Concepts can recreate it again later or change the product lineup to increase sales.

Like most projects, a good visual display takes some skill and practice to successfully achieve. Don’t get discouraged if your sales are not what you’d expected from your display. Simply use any information obtained from the display to make improvements until satisfactory results are achieved. Keep working on innovative ways to make the best visual display you can. The experience can be both satisfying and rewarding.

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