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When To Hire A Display Signage Company For Your Business

Marian Keilson, Freeport, NY, June 29, 2012 – WL Concepts & Production, Inc. of Freeport New York manufactures point of purchase displays (POP), point of contact displays, and large format printing services for the retail trade. The company is not a traditional ad agency, but work with agencies to fulfill their clients POP needs.

Window signage and advertising is important in any business especially in point of purchase. Whether you are planning an important sales presentation, have a retail store with a display window or are just updating your company’s logo, visual displays can play an important role in the success of your company. WL Concepts is just the production company that can accomplish this to help you build your brand.

Enhancing An Important Sales Presentation With Display Signage

When presenting a sales pitch to a potential client, it’s important to put your best foot forward. You want to be seen as a professional. And visual interior graphics will help you and your company look its best. Many business owners are not equipped to design their own displays, so hiring someone to create visual displays is a good idea. The signage company you choose will be able to help you determine what type of signage is best for your specific presentation.

Whether you’re bringing your presentation to the customer or displaying at a trade show, display signage is a must. Great visual displays will make sure your trade show booth is a must see for all trade show attendees.

If you’re planning on using sales presentation display signage for both small group presentations and trade shows, make sure to tell your graphic designer. With that information they’ll be able to create visual displays that are multi-functional, attractive and easy to set up and dismantle – a must if you’ll be doing them yourself.

Large Display Window Signage And Interior Graphics

Retail stores, whether in a mall or on a street, depend greatly on their window signage. It’s the first thing a customer sees and the first impression a new customer has of your store. With these things in mind, window signage is a vital part of any retail store. Once the customer comes in, interior graphics that coordinate with the window displays can create a sense of continuity and actually encourage customers to spend more money in your store.

Window signage displays also need to change frequently to reflect sales or seasons in the retail market. Small stores are often not equipped to design and change out window signage or interior graphics as frequently as they should. By hiring a display signage company, you’ll be able to keep window displays new and fresh. Some display companies even come in and switch out the displays, meaning store managers and employees are free to continue to work with customers.

Updating Your Company Logo

If it’s time to update your company logo, it’s time to update your display signage. Nothing screams inattention to detail like two or three different logos being used throughout different marketing materials and visual displays.

It’s a good idea to find a graphic designer with marketing experience to create your new, updated logo and display signage. Your designer will be able to take your ideas and create marketing materials using your logo that’s eye-catching and attractive.

No matter if you’re updating a logo, creating interior graphics or enhancing your sales presentations or trade show materials, a professional who specializes in visual graphic displays can be a great help. They’ll be able to provide you with sturdy, attractive displays that you’ll be able to use again and again.

Mass market retailers, advertising agency project managers and visual merchandisers Custom Sign Design have utilized WL Concepts custom sign design and manufacturing for POP (Point of Purchase).

About WL Concepts

WL Concepts is a Leader in Creating Innovative, Visual and Three-Dimensional Displays, Graphics and Signage

Founded in 2000 by Bill Levine, a Service Disabled Vietnam veteran (SDVOB)and 25-year veteran of the graphic display business, the company has ignited a revolution in on-site branding, pushing the envelope on what is possible, inspiring the use of new materials and imagery, capturing the imagination of the world’s most successful marketers.

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DHL/LIM Fashion Week: An Unqualified Success


Last week’s DHL / LIM collaboration was an unqualified success. The images below are LIM student designs, and an LIM student model. And where were these shots taken? At Lincoln Center during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – The heart and soul of the fashion industry. DHL is giving the two design winners $350 each, and Bill Levine, longtime colleague, and the president of WL Concepts, is giving each winner $250. The two winners will receive a total of $600 each.

In addition, we met Alberto Nobis, the global CFO of DHL. Being so impressed with our students and our participating faculty; he would like to forge a relationship with LIM. While logistics isn’t necessarily the most glamorous part of the fashion industry, it is a vital part. The logistics component of the fashion industry is becoming more sophisticated, involving key executives, new technology, and creative thinking. As such, we spoke with Mr. Nobis about internships, on campus seminars, and employment opportunities.

An alliance with an important global provider to the fashion industry presents a wonderful opportunity for our students, for the department, and for the college. My thanks go out to Bill Levine for initiating the DHL / LIM relationship; and to our Professors, Marjorie Lee Woo and Michael Creagh for their talent and tireless efforts to make this work. DHL already wants us back next year!

Display Signage Guide: Setting Yourself Apart From the Competition

If you run a small business with a retail presence, you know your visual displays and window graphics can make a big difference in your sales figures. Customers are drawn to eye-catching displays and great ones will bring customers into your store. It’s a good idea to hire a professional display signage company such as WL Concepts to design, produce and install your visual displays so you’ve got the best displays available.

Designing Visual Displays WL Concepts is knowledgeable in everything required to design beautiful visual merchandising materials. We have engineers, graphic artists and visual merchandisers who work together using the latest marketing trends to create your interior space as well as your window graphics. If you have any ideas of the look you want to achieve with your visual displays, let our design team know. We will be able to take your ideas and add our own professional spin to design displays and fixtures that are attractive and functional.

Producing Display Signage Once you have a design chosen, there are many different ways window and interior graphics can be produced. Some of the more common methods are photographic reproduction, silk screening and printing on vinyl. Each of these methods use digital and or traditional printing on various materials and substrates to create display signage. Other methods of producing displays include acrylic fabrication, vacuum forming and lenticular signage.

Lenticular signage is created by layering two or more photographs together and covering them with a special plastic lens. The plastic creates the allusion of movement from a stationary sign as a customer walks by.  We can also create innovate displays using a high speed laser that produce detailed shapes out of metals, plastics, woods, leather, rubber or other materials.  A high pressue water jet will also cut materials in nearly any thickness. This means if you can dream it up, we can create it using our visual expertise.

Installing Window Or Interior Graphics Professional installation of your interior or window graphics is absolutely vital when it comes to display signage. We have professional installers as part of our team and therefore we will never leave you with a mess or any type of damage whether it be the brand new window recently installed or the interior graphics package you just paid for.  We are the experts.  We will to come in, get your graphics installed and leave you free to continue to work with customers to increase your sales. Professional installers are available whether you require a single installation, a nationwide roll out or an ongoing installation for changing out visual displays. No matter how large or small your project, a professional will be able to finish the installation quickly and expertly. Professionally designed, produced and installed display signage can create a big impact on your customer traffic and subsequent sales. By hiring WL Concepts & Production, Inc., you’ll ensure that your business will have one-of-a-kind display windows and interior graphics, with minimal work on your part.  You can count on us to make it happen smoothly and effortlessly.